MoscoGleeson | Clarus Wind Barrier System
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Clarus ®

Our team have successfully delivered the most prestigious and large scale polymer based installation in recent years. Bringing over 20 years’ experience and expertise of structural and wind loading design and to allow us provide high performance solutions we developed Clarus®
Clarus® wind break system is a patented modular system; a breakthrough in Bridge and Transport Wind shielding bringing safe and convenient benefits to transport users by wind shielding exposed bridges and transport links over their full lengths.
The Clarus® module uses light weight metal and polymers which compliment to Engineering demands, climate and geographical constraints i.e. high winds, and exposure due to the location of some transport links.


Clarus® s tailored to suit the client’s aesthetic concept while managing wind loads. Our experience of developing modular systems for ease of manufacture and installation. The use of 3D design and modelling for complex projects.

Different blade patterns are available to achieve optimal wind porosity. Wind posts can be installed vertically, at an angle or curved depending on the structural and aerodynamic requirement of the designer. LED lighting can be fitted on the Vertical posts for cosmetic or health and safety required.

Clarus® is available in a variety of specifications and can be engineered to maximise noise abatement or to be abrasion reducing etc. Clarus ® is engineered to retain its aesthetic appearance, and to blend into the urban, rural or maritime landscapes.

The Clarus System is tailored to suit the clients aesthetic concept while managing Windload.